Night of the Werewolf

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    Bit of a large request, but i think it may be interesting for you.
    Preferably for BUKKIT

    Alteration 1
    Moon Cycle
    The adding of a Lunar Calander in the idea of that Each night the moon waxes from 'No Moon' to 'Full Moon' completeing the cycle over 4 days. So it'll be like this:
    Night 1 - No moon
    Night 2 - Half moon
    Night 3 - Full moon
    Night 4 - Half moon (reverse of other half moon)
    [Repeat Lunar Cycle]

    Alteration 2

    Upon a FULL MOON NIGHT, Werewolves half a rare chance of spawning in the darkness of the night, at approximately 1/50 enemy appearances/spawns.
    Using a Giant Wolf (x2 size) and changing its color to Brown and giving it Yellow Glowing eyes could easily differentiate them from regular wolves.

    Rare-Strong enemy statistics
    -Werewolf is Auto-Aggressive to the player based on regular mob aggro.
    -Werewolf can jump 10 MC-Blocks high while chasing.
    -Werewolf makes an attack for around 5 hearts (if un-armoured)
    -After a successfull attack, Werewolf runs away and then...

    Alteration 3 you wish you killed that Werewolf with your bow now huh ;)
    -Serverwide statement that [Player Name] has been bitten and has Lycanthropy

    Every next night (no matter the moon) the Player bitten will change into one of the werewolves.
    -Inventory of the player is temporarily removed and stored in a file, given back when the transformation has ended.

    Two paths to take:
    1: The Cure
    Could use many ideas here, up to you. Ideas:
    -New item Wolfsbane Potion (mixture of seeds and waterbucket etc to make potion)
    -Recieve over 10 hearts of Fire DoT Damage
    -Bath in water surrounded by Iron Blocks (maybe it would look like a HolyWater/Silver bath)
    -Die whilst in werewolf form. Your items will be lost (you wont drop lycanthropy 'that' easy >:] find a better cure, or sacrifice your items, take a pick)
    -Maybe you have a better idea (it should be an expensive removal method)

    2: Give In to the will of the night time, hunt your neighbors when you transform!
    -You can now jump 10 ft high.
    -Any further enemies become friendly unless you attack them.
    -Any further werewolves follow you and attack whatever you attack, you now have a pack to hunt with until the night is over.
    -Your Bite will spread Lycanthropy to other players.
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    Gimme a modified wolf skin that makes him look scary,and i'll do the plugin! :)

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