NFD - Keep Fire And Lava At Bay !

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    Ever Wanted To Make A Fire Place But Failed ? Always Wanted To Place Lava Bucket But Got Burnt ?

    Dont Worry ! Luke100 And I Have The Solution For You !

    NFD - The Plugin That Prevents Fire And Lava Burning You ! ( Not In Nether )

    Fire And Lava Can Still Be Place After Installing This Plugin , But When Contacted With Players

    They Wont Get Burnt !

    Download : NFD v.01

    Credits : Luke100 For The Amazing Plugin
    Boxeh : Just Creating A Thread For Him ( Got His Perm ~~)
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    add like [ADMIN]nofire[v0.1]stop beging burned by fire/lava[1.2.4-R1]
    and add features and changelog
    (i like the plugin)
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    Thanks for the information lenis0012 , will do that soon
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