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    Plugin category: fun/informational

    Suggested name: Newbieheads

    What I want: I want to be able to mount steves head on a wall and then under it post a sign type in newestplayer (on line one) and on line 2 type (the # of newest player)
    so when I type in that and make the sign it automatically changes steves face to the players face and if you for example took the 1st newest player the sign would read Newest player (name) (Join date) I would like it to be able to hold atleast 100 players so I can use 100 heads and signs and it would show me the 100 last players to join the server(For the first time). Im not sure if you are able to make the heads always updating for the newest players but if thats possible without using to many resources that would be great!

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: newheadsign.create

    When I'd like it by: Doesn't matter not in dire need of it just would be a cool addon for my server.
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    I give it a try. I think I need around 2 days.
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    Ok cool thanks :D
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    Here it is! It should work, but you have to try it on your server if it updates correctly when a new player joins and if it is not too heavy. I could not fully test it because I have just 2 Minecraft accounts and not 100 :D.

    Download link:

    If you have have suggestions or bugs, just tell me.:)
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    Im not exactly sure how to use it ive tried a few different ways.
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    Sorry for not explaining how it works.

    Place a steve head on the wall.
    Make sure you are OP or have given yourself the permission newheadsign.create.
    Place a sign and write on the first line: newestplayer.
    And on the next line a number. It should automaticly update itself.

    There can appear two errors on the sign:
    ...... nan
    - this means the string writen on the sign is not a full number.
    And one i can not remember (i'm on my mobile) but it means that the number is less than 1 or greater than the amount of players you had on your server.

    On disable the plugin saves the signs in a config file.
    On enable the plugin load the signs from the config file.

    Ps. Sorry if the grammar is incorrect or the text format is weird. I am typing this late in the evening on my mobile phone :)
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    Works perfectly thanks!

    After using it for a while I noticed it Doesnt update it only updates when I /reload could you maybe add a command like /heads reload that reloads them all automatically so I could just put that command to run on a timer. Thanks :D

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    I added /heads [update,reload,save] .

    /heads update updates the heads and signs​

    /heads reload reloads the plugin. So it loops again through all players, get there first login, sorts them and updates the heads and signs and saves the signs.​

    /heads save saves the signs.​

    I don't know why it didn't update, but i changed a little bit in the code. I hope that it updates now when a new player joins. If it's not working, tell me and I just remove that part of the code to make the plugin lighter.

    Download link (yes it is the same link):
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    Works Just how I wanted :D Thanks so much!

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