NEW Top 10 Bukkit Plugins! Opinions are needed.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BrandonHopkins, Mar 31, 2013.

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    1. Precious Stones
    2. Hawkeye Reloaded
    3. McMMO
    4. Essentials
    5. Citizens
    6. WE/WG
    7. CommandBook
    8. Lockette
    9. BattleKits
    10. NoCheatPlus
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    Some of those listed plugins are on the original list. The new list isn't containing any plugins that were on the old list. It is best to replace those with plugins that weren't on that list. (Like CraftBook :p)
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    • Craftbook, because it really makes a server different from vanilla. A summary wouldn't do it justice. And it probably has holds the speed record for features added/bugs fixed, Me4502 does a great job.
    • CommandHelper, because you can write your own plugins ingame with it, almost the entire Bukkit API is made available to you to script your own commands/scheduled tasks/event handlers, and you don't need to know java to use it. Depending on your involvement, you can replace a lot of other plugins, and create a server that works exactly how you want it to.
    • SimpleClans, has nice customizable textual GUI's and doesn't promote the same kind of hatred and destruction as Factions, plus really easy to setup
    • OtherDrops, an easy way to customize a lot of event related things, ie what happens when X kills Y or touches Z with W in their hand at T time of day. And I believe it respects most logging/protection plugins. Zarius has quite a few plugins in this series that should really be checked out!
    • McMMO, not because of anything wrong with it, it's just overused, and all the servers using it seem to play the same. With something that adds custom items unlocked by McMMO levels, then it becomes unique, depending on the server owner's imagination.
    • Factions, see above. Everyone knows about it already and it promotes a hack-to-win environment, and everybody hates each other.
    I'll have to check out Prism, it seems to be getting popular
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    xScores definitely gutta be in there :p, but here's my list.
    1 . Essentials
    2 . Removed because on old list.
    3 . Factions
    4 . Removed because on old list.
    5 . Core Protect
    6 . Removed because on old list.
    7 . GAListener
    8 . Removed because on old list.
    9 . Removed because on old list.
    10 . NexusSkills - Custom , like RedeemMcMMO, but never needs updating :)
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    You may wish to redo your list not including any items from the old list. It's been stated here quite a few times that items in the old list will be omitted from the new list.
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    I dun understand. Which ones are on from the old list?
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    Quite a few.
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    Oh right.. Well, I'm not sure about 10 then :/ Maybe 3-5 I like. I will edit.
  9. why isn´t dynmap in the new Top10 anymore?
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    It was on the old list. So it was taken off the new list
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    My opinion is the best plugin is not always the most use by server but the inovation behind it, if there is like a new plugin that change minecraft as you know isnt it great ?
  12. but isn´t a TOP10 a list of the best 10 plugins - so an plugin which had been in the TOP10-2012 can still be good enough to be in the TOP10 2013.
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    Indeed. Almost all of them are running on my server.
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    Perhaps the list could be called "10 Awesome Bukkit Plugins!" so people don't get hung up on the best :)
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  15. yes, thats a good idea, Zarius.
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  17. I really don't use NoCheatPlus on my hardcore server because when people try to fight each other, it will lag, it wont really hit him for about 3-5 seconds
    This would be my top 10 if I was making a list

    1. Essentials

    2. WorldEdit

    3. WorldGuard

    4. Factions

    5. ChestShop

    6. All I could think of :3
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    Because this list was to highlight 10 amazing plugins. The last 10 have already been highlighted.

    I still vote for CraftBook to be on the list. It has so many unique and innovative features that most people don't know about.
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    Top 10 lists are rubbish. Everyone has different reasons why they might favor something. Arbitrary numerical limits are just click grabs.

    I will say that CommandHelper is FAR and away my favorite plugin of the last year or more.
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    Um, is there a reason that the plugins directory does not have a simple voting system?
    Yes I know it will be abused, but abuse is only viable in economics systems which a download does not count as
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    1. Essentials
    2. Prism
    3. McMMO
    4. Residence
    5. Citizens
    6. WorldEdit
    7. WorldGaurd
    8. DisguiseCraft
    9. BattleKits
    10. NoCheatPlus
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    As has been said half a million times, the new list will not include things that were on the old list.
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    Mob Arena
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    To just update my ideas for a list, it now includes CommandHelper, I don't use it.. But it is incredibly powerful.

    So it's now CommandHelper & CraftBook.
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    I removed Mcmmo from the list and added CommandHelper

    I'm considering adding Precious Stones to the list :)

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    And CraftBook? :p

    * Puppy dog eyes *


    No, but seriously. CraftBook makes perfect sense for the list. It is used by many people, yet many others don't know about it, and even those that do don't know what it can do. Plus it is one of the most unknown popular plugins.

    What part are you having trouble understanding?

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    So you would put that on your top-10 list? :rolleyes:
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