NEW Top 10 Bukkit Plugins! Opinions are needed.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BrandonHopkins, Mar 31, 2013.

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    So I currently have a very popular video Top 10 Bukkit plugin video with almost 500,000 views. The thing is this video is almost a year old and I don't have the knowledge of plugins that I did when I made that video. So what I need from you guys is some help complaining this new Top 10 list! Please leave all your opinions below.

    Old Top 10 Video:

    Old Top 10 List:
    So here it is your Top 10 List:
    VoxelSniper |
    WorldEdit/WorldGaurd |
    GroupManager |
    BuyCraft |
    mcMMO |
    NoCheat |
    DynMap |
    LWC |
    Multiverse |
    Votifier |

    New Top 10 List:
    1. ?
    2. Prism
    3. WorldBorder
    4. Residence
    5. Citizens
    6. CraftBook
    7. CommandHelper
    8. Precious Stones
    9. BattleKits
    10. NoCheatPlus
    Before Posting your nominations please read this:
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    I'm not going to offer input, but I highly suggest that you don't say any permissions plugins at all, as they'll spark a massive debate in your video comments over which one is better.
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    I enjoy debates ;)

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    mcMMO is still about, and is constantly being updated with fun things.

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    CEX? Prism? CraftConomy? Vault?
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    Maybe you should do top 3-5 per category. I think those lists would be more interesting and informative.

    For top 10 I would say WorldGuard and WorldEdit are still up there.
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    NoCheat - NoCheatPlus
    iConomy - CraftConomy/Fe Conomy
    LWC - I think Lockette is more common
    Factions is a big one
    I would say essentials but that would make more debates...
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    essentials + groupmanager is still my favorite one.
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  9. will show you Top10 plugins.


    Thats the Top10 most common plugins used.

    End of story
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    This is actually amazing:

    It's a mini-plugin of a mini-plugin of a plugin of a mod for Minecraft, so to speak (it runs off of Denizens, which runs off of Citizens, which runs off of Bukkit, which is a mod of Minecraft... whatever).

    It's actually not so mini though, since you can use it to make NPCs build literally anything you want them to, with configuration options up the wazoo. I love this plugin, as it's very entertaining and it can actually be useful in survival, as there are ways to actually give the builders materials to make things for you without them spawning things themselves.

    I'm in no way affiliated with the Builders plugin, I just think it's a seriously amazing piece of work that should get a lot more attention than it currently does.
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    This is what I have so far. It's kinda in a order but not really. What I need to know is what would be number 1 and some more opinions of this list so far :) Tanks.

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    you miss a lot of plugin like a lot of people say u allready.


    that`s are just some
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    Wut? Lolz
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    While I'd be honored that you'd consider/choose AntiCheat as a top 10 plugin I'd recommend, for your own sake, that you actually steer away from something like that and really cast a spotlight on developers who come up with truly innovative and game-changing plugins. Anticheating work is something that is necessary and not always easy, but apart from the actual algorithms isn't really innovating much of anything.

    What I'd really love to see is a lesser-known plugin and developer getting some recognition for their creative minds and talent. Just something to consider; good luck with your video!
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    I agree with what Gravity said -- try to focus on plugins that are not as well-known, rather than grabbing the ones used by every server in existence. Everyone knows most of the plugins that have been previously mentioned on this thread, so there isn't really a need to 'showcase' them any more than they already have been (numerous times by numerous people). Try to find some unique up-and-coming plugins that need some more "media coverage". Just my two cents. :)
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    I highly agree with both of you. I think what I'll do is cut out any plugins that were included in the video top 10 video that I did and leave out some of the most downloaded. So you guys know any plugins off the top of your head that you think need some "media coverage". Thanks :)
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    I think we have the unique opportunity to get to see some of the new innovations people submit on a daily basis, so I'll keep my eyes peeled when approving to see if there's anything you might want to promote :)
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    Awesome :D Just post it here and ill be happy to take a look!
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    Just gotta say I'm honored to see mcMMO still makes the list.
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    My favorite two plugins are Residence and mcMMO
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    I just took WorldEdit, LWC, and ChestShop out of the list. They are defiantly in the top 10 but everyone knows of them. I want people to use this video to discover great plugins. I may make a separate "Most Downloaded" video in the future.

    Once again please post some plugins that are great but not as known. :)
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    Denizens, MobArena, JSONAPI, WorldBorder, PingMOTD, Herochat (Or other chat plugin), Lag Meter, BeardStat

    Some of my favorites.

    Have say 3 different categories

    Essential - Helpful - Feature

    Essential: Things any server MUST have!
    Helpful: Anything that help with administration and whatnot
    Feature: Anything that adds new features for players to use, and additional functionality to the server
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    Should totally put CreeperSurprise on there </shameless plug for plugin nobody has heard of>
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    Innovation at its finest
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    Added ;) (Not really in order yet)
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    I'm in no way biased. ZPort. Keep in mind, my lack of bias lol
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    Now now, let's not fill the entire list with staff's plugins.
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    BattleKits \o/ :p

    But I'll let you know if I think of anything. I was just thinking how cool a project-I'd-just-approved was, but I can't remember what it was called or who it was by...
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