New to plugins, how to do the player.setItemInHand thing?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MultiBana, Jan 6, 2012.

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    If i want to make a plugin that will give you a stone block when you write /stone, how to do it?

    I mean, player.setItemInHand(WTF TO WRITE IN HERE?);

    I tried stone, and i tried 1.
    Not working.

    Help? :)

    EDIT: And btw how to make that it gives you 1 stone, like when you pick a dropped one, that it doesnt replace your item in hand?
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    It want a ItemStack ant not a TypId.

    player.setItemInHand( new ItemStack( Material.STICK ) );
    player.setItemInHand( new ItemStack( Material.STONE, 64));
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    adding to the above, 64 would be the amount
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    For the picking up part, you would use addItem to add the item to your inventory
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    Father Of Time

    Ya, as stated above; I would do AddItem to their inventory, not set the item in their hand. I say this because if the person has an item in their hand (say a diamond sword) and they use your command /stone it will change the sword item into a stone, aka piss people off...

    I would either add it to the first available slot in their inventory, or so a null check on their hand first to make sure you aren't overriding what they are already holding.

    Good luck!
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