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    Before going on about this request, I should make note that there are plenty like what I'm saying, but over time many have been bogged down by bugs, ignored, not fixed, or maybe it just isn't up to snuff with what is needed. The biggest problem with ChestShop is there is massive memory issues that have been reported, a bug that's been going on since the last two releases (and somehow practically never going to be fixed by the look of it) which is critical for server shops.

    One last thing: Please do not come in here dogging the idea, because I think after doing some googleing you will realize there IS NO ALTERNATIVE that is as simple as CS has been. (And if there is, they aren't popular, and no one is talking about them, as a result, Google probably pushes anything of the sort to page 383,546 of their search results.)

    As a result, I think a great deal of us could use a simple, stable, memory-relieved "buy/sell"/"buy all/sell all"/"personal/admin" alternative to Chest Shop. One that has the features of buying and selling. There are plenty of other plugins to provide any extra functionality, but for a simple one-sign-does-all solution, ONLY ChestShop has offered this. Most others segregate stack amounts, items themselves, or they may pool all items into one shop, with one set price on said shop. This isn't efficient.

    I think everyone knows how Chest Shop works, and knows there are problems with it. We also know there's nothing else like ChestShop that has the ease of use for setting up unlimited offerings of items from admins, for one item, for one set price. Buy/Sell on the SAME SIGN, left click to buy, right click to sell. Shift left to buy stack, shift right to sell stack. All in one sign.

    Many of the things about this plugin I should have not to go over, many permissions and commands will be evidently similar to ChestShop, but I'm sure we can go with a much less complicated shop plugin. The sign being used for buying/selling should be set up the same way in ChestShop, along with the option to have "buy only" and "sell only" signs. Admin Shops should be able to have (built in or via eco plugin) unlimited stock and unlimited funds (as config options).

    A name is not as important as the function. CapitalChest would be fine if anything. Doesn't matter if it makes use of UUID, as offline servers may not need it, while online servers it wouldn't matter too much either way.

    Thanks for the consideration.
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