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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by tschagg, Feb 6, 2013.

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    hey guys

    I have made a new recepie for a craftable item in Bukkit, and I want to use this in the recipe of another new craftable item.

    is that possible?
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    You mean the endproduct?
    If you mean to replace the recipe, thats a little bit harder.
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    i want to craft this:

    NewRecipeItem1 + Randomitem = NewRecipeItem2
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    Get the item from RecipeItem1 and make a recipe to get RecipeItem2
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    yeah ^^^

    but how i get the recipe1item ?

    .setIngredient('*', RECIPE1ITEM)

    what i've to type there?
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    <recipe here>.setIngredient('String', <ItemStack of recipe 1>);
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    hm this isnt workin.

    i took:

    weed.setIngredient('&', result);

    ItemStack result = new ItemStack(Material.WHEAT);
    ItemMeta im = result.getItemMeta();
    ShapedRecipe weed = new ShapedRecipe(result)
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    Telling why is not working would help :}
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    when i type in weed.setIngredient('&', result);

    , the setIngredient is red underlined in Eclipse, error: is not applicable for the agument
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    setIngredient()'s 2nd argument accepts only Material, you can't set an itemstack.
    You could just use result.getType() to get the material... and it would be wise to use result.getDurability() as 3rd argument of setIngredient() too.

    A quick question, do you really want to learn or you just want the end product ? If you just want the plugin I suggest you post in requests because you'll be wasting your time and our time here :p
    But if you want to learn, keep trying, keep searching and whenever you're just absolutely stuck then post.
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    i want to learn! im trying for hours ^^
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    1st thing to learn is to not hijack someones thread. Poor tschagg is never going to get his question answered.
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