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    I am looking for someone to develop this plugin or add it to their existing PVP plugin.PM with any questions.

    Tower destruction
    Destroy other teams tower before they destroy yours
    Removing all blocks from one of the opposing teams build platforms gives your team a point.
    Each progression of a tower gives your team a point.
    First to (10) wins
    Unlimited Lives
    20 second respawn
    PvP enabled
    Every player has a Diamond pickaxe.
    Inventory is saved upon entry into arena and restored upon leaving.
    Get netherrack from 10x10 netherrack pool
    netherrack pool regenerates every 30 seconds
    If a player is inside the netherrack pool while it regenerates push to spawn.
    Stone Gold Iron and Obsidian can be found in the middle of the 2 team spawns specified by collection region.
    Collection region regenerates every 2 minutes.
    When collection region regenerates all players will be reset to spawn.
    Players will be notified with a collection region timer every second when there is 10 seconds left on the 2 minute timer.
    Stone - layer 1 and 2
    Gold - layer 3 and 4
    Iron - layer 5 and 6
    Obsidian - layer 7 and 8
    Reenforce tower of 20 or more blocks by attatching 5 progressive blocks to the tower and punching the reenforce block(Diamond block). Reenforced tower turns all block within the tower into next progressive block.
    Reenforcing a tower gives you tnt.
    (Check if region has >= 20 block && 5 progressive block)
    Always check if at least one region has 20 of each block to give the players on that team the ability to break the next progressive blocks.
    if at least one region does not have >=20 netherrack you may not place/break stone
    if at least one region does not have >=20 stone you may not place/break gold
    example: player builds a tower of 20 netherrack. They can then mine and place 5 stone anywhere within the region. They left click the Diamond block next to that region and it turns all netherrack within the region into stone. Player can then mine and place 5 gold blocks and do it again. so on and so forth.
    Towers can only be built on specified block (default MossyCobblestone)
    You can not build outside of specified build regions (shown with mossycobblestone)
    Regions are 9x9x9
    Items in tower regions don't drop when destroyed
    progressive blocks
    You can not place/mine stone unless at least one netherrack tower is built.
    You can not place/mine Gold unless at least one stone tower is built
    You can not place/mine Iron unless at least one Gold tower is built
    You can not place/mine Obsidian unless at least one Iron tower is built
    1. Netherrack - reenforced with 5 stone touching
    2. Stone - reenforced with 5 gold touching
    3. Gold Block - reenforced with 5 iron touching
    4. Iron Block - reenfoced with 5 obsidian
    5. Obsidian - Most reenforced tower
    Cancel all other block based plugins while inside region.

    I'm pretty sure this isn't impossible. Is nobody willing to take this on?

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    I really wish I wouldn't have to keep bumping this as it's a unique idea. I find it silly that something unique gets no responses but when people ask "where do I find this derp la derp!?" people respond instantly. This is pushing unique ideas onto later pages for no reason...
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    You're right. Well, you should format your post. Make everything more organized for a potential developer.
    Also, note that this is a very large project. Not every developer can/is willing to do this.
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    It being a unique idea also will increase the lack of response. It being unique, and something new, there aren't plugins like it that can just be modified to fit it. Instead, developers will have to make the entire thing from scratch, and this project looks like it could take a lot of time.

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