New Plugin: Player name displays status like [typing], [crafting], etc.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Mhalkyer, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I'd like a plugin that updates the playername (above the character) to say [busy], [crafting], [typing] etc.. when the player is doing certain actions. I was told before that hmod couldn't do that and I was wondering if Bukkit could.

    If not, could I request a new 'hook' to capture player's beginning to type?

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    Well, you can defo change their name.

    And you could set it to show [busy] if they did a command /busy for example..

    [crafting] could be done by recording how many blocks they place in an amount of time..

    [typing] .... hmmmmm :p This doesn't exist at the moment, And i'm unsure if it ever will.. There is def. more important things to consider first :p

    Sweet idea tho.
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    Haha, yeah, I know it's not a high priority [​IMG] , I just don't like the idea of someone killing my peeps when they're typing.
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    WOW, is it possible to change the name above the player? I really didnt know that, are you sure?
    If so, it would really great to have the player group show before the name too.
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    Currently, you cannot. From what I've been told.
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    not above them but you can in the chat
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    You can't chat while in the crafting menu and it's fairly obvious you were typing when you just sent a message.
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    I mainly want the plugin so people aren't killed while typing. I also want a notification if someone kills someone while they're typing. I have a PvP server and that'd be a good addition.

    Do you think the Bukkit team could add a hook for when the player starts to type?
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    Suggest it here.
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    you cant change the name above the head. the client asks for the player's name when it logs in, and only then. Also changing that string does wierd things to the player data serverside.

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