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Is this possible for you to make

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    So i was wondering if some one could make me a kits plugins but these kits wouldnt be like kits Advance kits like for example the default kits you get would be Vampire and and miner
    Vampire would do the follwoing things if you kill a player r a mob it would give you instand health potion 2 but if you take damage it wont but if you do take damage and you kill some one it will hill your hearts like 5 hearts and then their would be miner were you would start out whit a stone pick etc
    I have more ideas but i kinda want this to be pprivate docent have to but it would be nice
    Need more info msg me or add me on skype Darkcry1200
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    I think OP has been playing mcpvp hunger games. They have "kits" where you can break blocks faster on some kits, go invisible, etc. The problem is that this gives people the wrong idea of what "kits" are XD

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