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    Plugin category: Economy/miscellaneous/Pve

    Suggested name: CreditPvP

    What I want:
    I am looking for someone to code a new custom plugin, which could be used for even more servers. So this is whats going on, I have a dedicated server with multiverse with spleef, factions, kitpvp, thewalls, and creative. I need a plugin for KitPvP, that when you kill someone you get credits, remember, not balance, credits. I would also like to have a shop for the credits.
    - When you kill someone, you earn credits (Configurable amount earned)
    - Option to disable the plugin for a certain world. (Multiverse or MyWorld)
    - A shop for the credits (Different from essentials shop, so first line CANNOT be [Buy]/[Sell]
    - Nothing to do with Vault or original economy plugin, will mess up my factions balance.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /credits [View how many credits you have]Not /bal please
    - /credits (playername)[View how many credits another player has]

    Ideas for permissions:
    - creditpvp.credits (permission to use /credit)
    - creditpvp.credits.edit (perms to edit other players credits]
    - (perms to use the credit shop)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP pleash :D.
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    Okay. 40 minutes please.

    Hah, something came up, will do it later, #whoops
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    Merged double post.
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    Mohammadr Sso you are gonna do it??
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