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    In my server, I don't want to install a plugin so that my players never see a night just because there are a few players who want it day. I want it to be challenging.

    On the other hand, new players are going to have a hard time if they join in the middle of the night. Would it be possible to make a plugin that turns it to day whenever a new player joins the server for the first time?

    Edit- Its for a 1.2.5 Tekkit server.
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    So you just want a plugin that makes it day once a new player joins?
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    :cool: Well That seams easy enough ill try to make it
    oh not for tekkt
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    Yeah that's it really. I was kinda surprised when I couldn't find one. If it changes anything in how you make it, it's for a 1.2.5 Tekkit server. I should probably add that to the original post :>
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    caxco93 <--- download from here

    timeonjoin: the time from /time set value (integer number)
    messageonnewplayer_enabled: wether you want to have a message or not (true or false)
    messageonnewplayer: welcome!!! (string. whatever u want to be said on join)
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    It works on my test server that I host on my computer, but I cannot find the correct file path for the server that I am paying for. Is there any way around this or do I have to ask my server provider for the full file path?
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    Could someone make one for not tekkit 1.4.6 and PM me a link to it pl0x?
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    Couldn't you make a separate spawn for new people with essentials and at that spawn use a pressure plate and a command block?
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    Tekkit is 1.2.5. it doesnt have command blocks.
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    try firstjoincommand /time set 0
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    VariableTriggers "/vtevent join @CMDCON time sunrise"
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