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    I know that New Items isn't possible in Bukkit, but that's only a Visual Question.
    I Seen its Possible to Change Item names, i seen its poissible to set Pictures on Maps,
    I seen its possible to change the Crafting Recipes and more.
    So why not Items???

    I have an Idee to make this Possible.
    /wi create Coalblock wi1 Block
    /wi cr Coalblock 0,0,0,Coal,Coal,0,Coal,Coal,0

    /wi create {name} {wi(Number = Item ID} {Type: Item/Block} {URL} = Create a new Item/Block
    + /wi cr {name} {ID,ID,ID,ID,ID,ID,ID,ID} for Crafting Recipe
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    Its possible to do it? Try it please
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    This is very complicated to make, you need to store all of the names, recepies, data. And of course the image. Will require loads of complicated code to create this
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    But is Possible so if a Very Good Developper can do this all Player's will love him for that :D Its Hard but cool
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    Very hard and cool, I know how to rename items.. But not to set a Map's Image..

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