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    Hello, I'm OP of RPG server and I miss the "real" money system.
    I got the idea to make coins from gold, maybe 1 gold->10 coins
    and 9 coins->purse/wallet
    It's easy to make but I can't make it.

    My graphics:
    If there is a similar plugin send me a link.

    PS: And if you can to coins are combined to 100, not 64.

    Sorry for my english. :3

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    I like the idea, but you'd need a client mod to do this. If that's OK, it can most easily be done with ItemCraft.
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    Why not use iconimy....
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    couse iConomy add virtual money, I need "real" money.
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    As @BR_ said it requires a client mod...
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    I love these requests, "I don't know how to do it, but it must be easy!!"
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    Agreed .. :D

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