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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by LadyRayvyn1, Jan 6, 2013.

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    There used to be addons like Zepplin,Cars,Furniture Mod,and Weapon types.
    These were listed under the Mechanical or Game altering about 6 months ago,but are no longer listed. Is it possible for someone to remake these?

    I have seen some of these before,But they no longer seem to exist. So I merely seek one to do them again,if Possible please. :)

    Plugin category: Game Play Altering/Mechanical Altering

    Suggested name: More Stuff? (no idea)

    What I want: non rude comments,if your going to be rude please post it elsewhere,thank you. I posted this above so will try to be more "technical"
    Zepplins,Cars,more weapons (flying craft,without having to create new blocks. probably can be done with sticky pistons or such. working Cars,using normal blocks,redstone..sticky pistons.)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: no permissions needed

    When I'd like it by: whenever convenient.

    thank you :)
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    I want a flying car, crap ton of money, sexy ladies and a personal space ship.

    Please read the rules next time.

    You cannot make new stuff using plugins.
    You cannot ask for help/stuff if you're using tekkit
    you cannot make monetary offer
    you cannot put two smilies in one post
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    I read the rules and it said nothing of the sort..and its not "new stuff" if its been listed once before.
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    New stuff meant new items, new block, new entity and such.
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    Could this not be done through a claim?

    Think about it:

    Person makes vehicle, claims it as theirs- then, they type /pilot VEHICLE NAME, which activates a one block movement of all items in the given direction.
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    I think she means a mod? A plugin that enables that mod to be used on the server? Like a modded server.
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    She did say without having to create new blocks in her post :)
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    yah sorry Im not great at posting things,rarely if ever do it. when I open my server,and click "Addons" a list of things appears for upload..such as the newest one I added to my server..that makes tree's drop items. Like apples,golden apples,feathers and such.
    When I first started playing minecraft 6months ago and got My 1st of 2 servers (yes i own two) there were addons for cars,zepplins fishing addon where you can catch more fish than just one etc. now they are no longer listed. So I know they were asking for them back is all. Or someone maybe to find them and see if they can be taken over by new modders,and updated for use?
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    That would work, but the you would have to teleport all players on/in the vehicle to the new location, plus collision checking... I guess what i am trying to say is that would become a bit of a problem with server resources. Having multiple cars/planes/zeppelins going at the same time.

    But i have never really worked with these sort of things but that's just my thought behind it.
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    I agree completely, it would be a complete hassle, but from a non-coding perspective that's the only way I could think of without letting blocks etc, and I also agree with server resources

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