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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ED_RockStarGuy, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I have been working with a few of my friends researching commands plugins such as essentials and command book that allows you to use there built in commands to do things like /tpa and /heal, but this all comes with a price. LAG, both of these plugins are very resource intensive and the more people you have on the server the more ram this plugin uses, so this is where my idea comes into play.

    i am looking for devs to work along side me to help design a new type of command plugin that not only gives servers allot of us-full commands but dose this all by saving the ram needed to run the plugins, we can do this through implementing threads that instead of the plugin reading all the way down the class file and then stooping the thread will read it all at once and understand it all saving time and reducing lag . I am looking for devs to help me with the command side of this and if you are interested please give me a pm.

    - john
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    Why fix whats not broke. Sorry dude.

    Think it through

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    its not broke, and im not fixing it, im making a plugin similar that doesn't lag out any server that it touches
  4. Seems like a lost cause I mean there are plugins like this so I see no real reason to make another
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