New CSS for bukkit dev pages?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by muffinjello, May 17, 2013.

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    Please note: Before your pay any deep thought, or analyze this post, take a deep breath and realize how pointless that would be. This post is in no way an "issue" with bukkit dev, but rather a "peference", and should be treated as such. Though it would still be pretty cool!

    Hey everyone!

    I have a very simple question....
    Will there ever be a CSS change of the styling of Bukkit dev? Primarily targetting the pages/content that plugin makers edit/create?

    I've recently somehow started using github for everything aside from downloads/main page to do with my plugins.... the reason: I like it's look better.
    I sort of feel github is a bit more minimalism, though to be honest I think both require more freedom!

    It would be really cool if a great framework, like say the CSS components of bootstrap were incorporated, or something else (maybe more minecrafty? :D)

    What I do like:
    • The "tables" markup feature
    • The "facts" sidebar, and "table of contents"
    What I don't like:
    • The link styling- that's so... default!
    • The horizontal rule styling... it's so "strong"
    • The font size - I'm actually looking at the 15px shown on github, and I'm loving it a lot more!
    • The width of the right sidebar - Doesn't leave a lot of space for the main content! (maybe have it popping out of the page to the right?)
    • The button styling for download, and tickets... It looks like any old link, maybe something large and green... width 100%, taking up it's own line!
    • No way to make spoilers/tabs in your page content!
    Most of this stuff is just me whining... Why don't I just make my whole topic images? LOL (Except for the tabs part, that's important IMO!)
    Thanks for listening to my ridiculous suggestions!
    I can help write the CSS if need be.
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    preference ;)
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    Haha, well this is a suggestions category...
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    I definitely agree with:

    • The button styling for download, and tickets... It looks like any old link, maybe something large and green... width 100%, taking up it's own line!
    • No way to make spoilers/tabs in your page content!
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    Yeah, being able to create tabs in your content would be great - it's not too hard (When you have access to javascript and HTML)

    I mean, implementing something such as this shouldn't be overly complicated!
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    So basically, you want it to be Bootstrappified. :p

    I actually really agree with this.
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    rtainc - Haha, possibly.
    Or better yet, full blown HTML!!!! Aww yeahhhhhhh
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    And JavaScript!
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    I too agree with this! I would love a way to redirect users, steal their session cookies and gain access to their accounts as well as many other XSS attacks spruce up my BukkitDev page!
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    Woah, guys! I just found out there's a way to block things! This must be a revolution!
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    Yeah, it's called a filter! And they almost never work!
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    Javascript will make bukkit so much more exciting.
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    cMan_ Yeah haha, even if we're only allowed to choose from a set of pre-approved javascript which will automatically be put in, that we can modify our html code for...
    OMG! Another thing.... An option to use the style property in HTML tags... i.e. <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">
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    Yeah! Style properties! They're great for performing clickjacking attacks!

    Sorry for the sarcasm. Although allowing people to include JavaScript and CSS would be really cool, we'd be opening up a whole new attack surface, and I'm not really sure that I want to deal with the implications of that.
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    tabs? pure CSS mate.. :target ;-)
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