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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by crysis992, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I have to say I really like the new look/design its just awesome.
    But i have a few questions about the new bukkitdev system:

    1) Since the new system I have no clue how to copy links to images that I upload.
    I would like to put images into my project description, but after uploading / in the images tab I do not see any way to get the directlink to a image. Right clicking the images does not provide a url or anything else.

    An example:

    How would I get the link of this image to put it in my project description? Or do I have to host these files myself with the new system?

    2) How to update my project status to "active/inactive etc"?

    3) When will the per project-forum feature be re-implemented? Or is that even planned?

    4) Why is the plugin list no longer sorted by last update? I guess when sorting by last update it would help new developers to get atleast a few views/downloads also it makes it easier to find "new" plugins. I think this should be changed back.

    5) What happened to the "Localizations" settings in projects?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    1. I don't know to be honest.
    2. They should be working on that.
    3. Forums will be re-implemented.
    4. I don't know.
    5. Don't know either
    I was surprised about the update as well, they are missing a lot of things, a closed beta would have been way better.
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    No kidding

    @crysis992 A lot of these issues are just unknown. Curse says they are currently working to fix all of the issues. As Tim said, the update really should have had a beta, because there are so many issues with the new system. It is not ready for production use, but Curse went ahead and published it anyway, leaving all of us in a pretty tough situation. It may be another month before plugin forums come back, possibly more than that.

    They have, however, spoken to us about how new projects are no longer the top listing, and they said they would maybe change it back. I think we are all upset about this, though. It really isn't a difficult change at all (really simple, actually), yet they seem to be in no rush to fix it.
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    Im just wondering just how secure all of this is. That broken captcha issue doesnt really reassure me. Otherwise, old news with Curse care of Bukkit services.
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    @Necrodoom_V2, one of the few things I agree with you on.

    My biggest concern here is that they appear to be solely concerned about the downloaders, and not so much the publishers.
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    Right click on the image -> Open in new tab. You can then embed it (e.g. with URL User content is on a different domain for obvious security reasons.

    They should've fixed the CAPTCHA issue - it was never a security issue since you just couldn't register. In any case, we're much better off with this platform than the previous one in terms of security.
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    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of communication - between all the legacy migrations and Christmas coming along to break the team up all over the country, we've been a bit thin.

    I believe @ZeldoKavira mentioned that we'd really be getting back to feature fixes and the like after the start of the new year, but I'll see if I can answer a few things for you.

    1) As mentioned by @lol768 - that's the best way as of right now.
    2) Contact us - it's a manual process if the project has been labeled as abandoned or inactive. This is just so we can verify the user and process.
    3) Not sure what the timeline is here - but no data has been dropped or lost. It's just a matter of time and man power - that's the honest answer.
    4) We'll be looking at this after everyone's back in the office after the holidays. You guys aren't the only community to ask that question, so it's likely usability options like this will get top priority.
    5) If I recall, localization settings are still there, you just need to re-enable them if they're disabled.

    As for closed betas, and the quick update - quite frankly we had to do what we did. Between security and the time sink to keep everything up and running it just wasn't conducive with a good experience for you or us.

    As much as we look like a large company on the outside, we're still very much a small human team and this makes it easier for us to push updates, add features, fix bugs, and have more time to communicate with you guys. We can start really working with the community instead of spending entire shifts playing catch up.

    I hope that in the long run that makes sense.

    Thanks guys!
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