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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RiotShielder, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Loving the new look for the BukkitDev plugin list! Great work Bukkit Team!
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    Very simple, but nice, I also love it.
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    There is a new layout? I didnt notice haha.
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    Oh, hello new layout! How come I've never seen you before?
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    TnT got a face lift thanks to lukegb.

    The search is faster. Category icons are correct now, and it only searches against (no longer has any forum search).

    Expect forum based Plugin Releases to disappear in the coming months as well.
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    Looks very nice, great work team.
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    It also actually updates the plugin listing, unlike the previous search.
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    Hahah, same here, I didn't notice.

    and I have been browing bukkit for over a hour right now.

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    I just have a little issue searching on that page. I don't know but the search engine isn't the same as before. If you type in NoLag it comes up with only one plugin and something completely different.

    Is this because NoLag have been removed or what? I love the design and it's better then before :)
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    As ^ said before, the search is a little disfunctional. I typed in "JOPH" (I have 3 plugins starting with the word JOPH) and I got no results
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    oh thank god. The single greatest feature of the face lift is the "Last Updated" column can now be sorted. That always bugged me.
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    It's because it has to be on BukkitDev, not the Bukkit Forums Plugin Submissions thing. It use to include both nut now it's only searching through BukkitDev
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    Just one thing; if you search 'MrBluebear3', it only comes up with plugins that have MrBluebear3 in the overview, not all the plugins I authored :D
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    Thank you soooo much! I really wanted all my plugins there, as before I only had one, and that got more views than all the other ones. Now that this actually hooks into BukkitDev, I like it a lot more :)
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    Another word of thanks! I wondered why I recieved a flood of comments on one particular night, so it must have been all the views my projects have picked up because of this move.

    I thank you for your amazing work :D
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    Added autocomplete. Enjoy!
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    Oh my god... will you birth my child?
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    I like it, however, I miss the feature of sorting options. Sort by downloads, sort by rating, sort by update/release date etc. It would be really useful :)
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    It would be very nice if you could filter by Craftbukkit versions
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    Yeah, looks pretty nice.

    Nice work Bukkit.
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