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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ketchupcoke, Jul 18, 2016.

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    Hey, I'm looking for a way to hide the new attributes (e.g. "When on body, +5 armour") added in 1.9 to all items server-wide to stop confusion with servers that use custom weapon/armor attributes. Also, a way to globally add attributes to certain groups of items - e.g. all leather chestplates, wooden swords etc..

    Let me know if this would be possible please :)
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    You can add flags to items to disable showing attributes if I remember correctly
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    Would anyone be able to make a plugin to apply that flag to items when crafted/picked up?
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  7. I'll do this, I did pretty much the same for the BetterEnchants plugin I made earlier. I'll do this tomorrow.

    EDIT: Done!


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    Please mark this thread as filled.

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    Oh hey and thanks, for some reason I didn't get a notification so I assumed I didn't get a response xD

    It's working fine on my server, I've set this to filled.
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