Nether Portal won't light in a multiverse generated world

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Fr33z, Aug 25, 2022.

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    Hey, I have been trying since hours to get it to work. I am not able to light a netherportal in a multiverse generated world, but I can light it in the Primary world. I tried a lot, the portalForm is set to ALL and everything should be set up too, but I assume something is interferring with it. Here is a list of my plugins: BetterRTP, Citizens, ClearLag, CrazyCrate, cShortcut, Essentials, Essentials_warpGUI, FastChunkPregenerator, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, MCSTATSXYZ, mohist-config, Multiverse-core, Multiverse-Netherportal, Multiverse-Portals, PermissionEX, PluginMetrics, Skript, TAB, Vault, Vorifier,VotingPlugin, Vouchers, WorldBorder and Worldedit. Could it be that one of them is interferring with the Nether portals?
    Here a list of my worlds:

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    What is the Multiverse-Netherportals plugin about, from what I remember, you only need Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, and Multiverse Inventories. Maybe this is the problem? Try deleting Multiverse-Netherportals
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