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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cycloned, May 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    I'm new to Bukkit, and server creating, so bear with me ;) I was just wondering how exactly minecraft servers are hosted on servers other than your computer? Do the hosters get the server folder? If so, how are plugins added?

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    Hosting companies will most likely not give you a console which sucks. I know for a fact that (BeastNode) gives you access to a console.
    Hosting companies will definitely hold all your server files including plugins and worlds. It`s like you`re paying a company to host your server on a better computer with better connection.
    Now, to be able to manage your plugins and edit your files, you will be required to visit their website, and from there, you can login with the username/password they give you.
    Another way you can edit your files (Easy and better way) is to use a FTP client. I recommend using FileZilla.
    It`s a software that stands for «File Transfer Protocol» They give you an IP @ Port @ password, you use that info to login, once you login, you can view and manage your files. Basically, when you login, you can view and edit the files which are located on their computer. You will realize it can take an extra time transferring/deleting/copying/extracting files in a FTP client.

    Anyways, I recommend using Beastnode. Amazing hosting company with affordable prizes, and most importantly the best support I’ve ever seen.
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    Basicly, They run a console from their massive data centers and they then give you access to the server files via FTP (FileZilla). If you use a good hoster (Like MultiplayGameServers) they give 24/7 support with HUGE plugin management. Using a company to host a minecraft server is the only real way of having a good server, You cannot run it from your own pc without it lagging (unless you have a proper machine ofc) :)

    Multiplay has massive support with 24/7 IM and THE BEST server console (Clanforge) but quite expensive.

    Beastnode is much cheaper but not alot of support and console isnt the best;p

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    Thank you guys, you've been very helpful!

    And added you, Flints.
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