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    It was good at first, Me and some mates got a 24/7 server permissions working, When we started adding more and more once it just stopped working and everything went down hill. It just stopped working. And with my experiance with YML its annoying you miss spell on thing or forget a ' or whatever it just comepletly stops and fucks up. Any help would be nice.

    Thank you :)
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    do you have essentials? and i mean all of them. there are quite a few, but i managed to set perms by going into GroupManager (once installed of course), worlds, (then your world name), and play with the YMLs there. it may not be specific enough, but im inexperienced as well. hope this helps atleast a little
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    What do you need help with? Post your permissions and tell me which permission you want put in / whats wrong atm?
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    Well, When I got to do anything it says error in syndax check command or something like that, I can send you what I got via skype so if you want to help add me itrickinhd and if someone does help me do all the perms, I will offer a staff postion on the server.
    Thank you.
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