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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Spl1tz, May 1, 2011.

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    I'm finaly gonna set my server online after a lot of thinking and waiting for some decent useful plugins and against griefing.
    Can anyone recommend me a group based item (placement, destroy, pickup) blacklisting plugin?
    And i wonder if anyone uses HeroChat to set up chat channels they want and if its any good?
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    WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Permissions...
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    WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Essentials, MinecartMania, & Falsebook all would be a good start. =)
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    In addition: Permissions, PermissionsPlus, iChat, and LWC would be awesome for server control!
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    Whats' wrong with Group Manager that comes with Essentials?
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    @eagleFMJ GroupManager isn't widely supported anymore and is a tad buggy from what I remember.
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    I reccommend these depending on what you want for your server:

    Bare bone minimum:
    GroupManager - Handles groups and user permissions
    MultiVerse - Handles multiple worlds/nether
    HeroChat - Handles custom chat formatting and channels
    CommandBook - Handles all basic commands
    BigBrother - Logs EVERYTHING so that you can rollback griefers
    WorldEdit - Easy fixing of griefers or world modification
    WorldGuard - Protect zones of the world from being edited by players
    PlugMan - Allows reloading of plugins without requiring a reboot
    AutoSave - Saves the server to disk every X minutes
    Backup - Backs up the server to a separate .ZIP file every X minutes

    NoCheat - Stops flyhacking, speedhacking, etc (only if you want to stop it)
    MultiInv - Makes multiple inventories (if you have a build world and a survival world)
    TelePlusPlus - Easy teleporting
    Warpz0r - Easy /warp commands
    BorderGuard - Keeps players from expanding the map too far
    Lockette - Protects chests from theives
    LoginMessage - Adds a custom, multifunction, easy to edit message of the day.

    FalseBook - Adds cool ICs and minecart mechanics to the game
    DynMap - Adds a live web based map to the server
    ColorSign - Adds color to signs
    Runecraft - Adds Runes to the game
    iConomy - Adds an economy framework to the game
    iConomyChestShop - Adds chest based shops to the iConomy Framework
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    I don't suggest GroupManager. It is no longer being officially supported by the main dev. The essentials team already has a ton of work on there plate. GroupManager is slow to update and buggy allot of the time.
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