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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by filurp, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys, Keiran here and i am looking for some sick Plugin ideas. So if you have any then Tell me ;) Also i am looking to be a Dev for a big server. If you are interested in me, please hit me up!
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    Maybe check this out!
    Zone plugin

    Or take a look at this.

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  6. Same here, but VoxelMotion 2.0.
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    Are u talking about already made plugins or r u gonna make some?
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    A Democracy plugin maybe...
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    Name: League of Mine
    What it does: League of Mine is a "pet/monster" type of plugin. Just like one of those app that you have on your smart phone!
    Details: There will be Monster Levels from 1-10 Stars, different types of attributes from Fire-Ice-Earth-Air-Electric and some others. There will also be the "rareness" of the monster. Common-Rare-Legendary. Since the new update of 1.8 the monsters will show holographic stars above.
    Players will be able to battle other players in a pvp arena or go to the wilderness to lvl up there monsters.
    Extra Thoughts:
    I believe there is so much more in this plugin if someone makes it. From Runes which give different attributes to a F5 mode pvp battle (like in the apps) To even monsters (mobs) who can be evolved and get stronger. If someone does make this plugin, it will be (to what I saw) the first of its kind. To me this plugin can be a server of its self really. But this is just my opinion.


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