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Do you think this server would be cool/fun?

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  1. To the point, i own a server that is based on you being a survivor so far of the apocalypse. A disease ravaged man kind and you are whats left of it. You have to scavenge to find food, water, guns, and other supplies you may need to survive. You can find boats, helicopters, (though extremely rare, and take over aircraft carriers, destroyers, and nuclear powered submarines. From bombing enemy coordinates, to starting a militia or group, you can do a lot. Now, here are a list of features/plugins i have so far:
    Die of starvation
    Die of dehydration
    Use guns
    Command tomahawk missiles/missile silos and bomb coordinates
    Start groups/militias
    Huge map with 5 major cities and bodies of water (project zearth)
    Fly, command, and drive helicopters, navy destroyers, nuclear powered submarines (movecraft)
    Fly and dogfight in "jets" (minecarts)
    Shoot down enemy fighter jets with "stingers"
    Call in Care Packages using money, get random, but helpful items.
    Use Parachutes
    take over "bases" for your group that can be edited.
    Turrets, that dont target players in its white list,
    Probably many more, but these are the highlight features.

    Any additional cool plugins can help. We are looking for plugins make the experience even better.
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    @mr_lesemancolton Sounds like one heck of a gamemode. Hope you get it going. To give you something useful, perhaps it could use some quests? If the server doesn't take off in its early stages, PvP may not be enough to keep players entertained. You may need a singleplayer aspect to it. Also, some kind of clan thing could be of use. I'd highly suggest keeping it far more basic than something like Factions; no land claiming, official plugin-run wars, etc. Just simple stuff like sharing raid spoils, maybe a slight money or XP boost for everything you do or receive. Just try to keep it away from a snowball effect, where the bigger the clan is the more OP the players become.
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  3. Thanks for the advice.
    On the part of the factions plugins, we are setting up a plugin that allows NO land claiming. We are hoping to introduce a system that allows new players to join a group they are willing to fight for. Instead of a random creating a group, and op clans destroying everyone, the system would have a select number of groups. Each group having pros and cons. Joining a group would give you the groups recruit uniform and guns. Some groups are more privileged as others in certain areas, some have a better base, some have better food and resources, others, weaponry and technology. This should bring in a story aspect.
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  4. Now, is there any plugins you guys would like to see on this server? (that already exist)
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    @mr_lesemancolton This isn't necessarily a suggestion, but do you plan on having guns? In my personal opinion, guns provide less fun for the PvP aspect of a server, but other people seem to love guns.
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  7. Oh, yes i will be using a plugin called crackshot.
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    This should be on like hypixel but I could code this if I wanted to
  9. The above are features are covered by other plugins I just need a plugin that adds something like the rest. That would be an ENORMOUS job, to do all of those features. Thanks for your interest.
    If you feel like you have a great idea for a plugin that would fit in, let me know! And if you decide to develop it yourself, fantastic.
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    Good server idea but.. You wont have a big playerbase
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