Need one who install me the plugins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BastiDE, Oct 21, 2011.

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    at first, sorry for my bad english - iam german!
    I have a really big problem - i install a plugin and it doesnt work! Why? I dont know - iam to stupid?
    Permissions for example doesnt create the files and other plugins want start or or or.

    Now i search one, who install us the Plugins (list is coming, when one have interest). It doenst be 1000+ Plugins, no only 10 to 20.
    One of my biggest problems is Permissions 3. It doenst create the files. Then i was thinking, okay i use GM from Essentials. I can Users let join a group, but the rights did they missing?! Because that, iam very pleased the one, who install and configurate the plugins.

    I did generelly dont say no, when one want to join us. At the moment we build the map and the script - when we are finished we would start a Reallife Minecraft Server.


    with many greetings from germany!
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    ok, not sure how clearly i can say this. DO NOT USE PERMISSIONS 3 use a modern solution like permissionsbukkit or bpermissions once you learn your way around its fairly easy, do not let it overwhelm you.

    also, essentials can cause a lot of headaches. look into CommandBook.
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    okay thanks, i wasnt know it. Okay when not doing alone, can one help me by installing and configurating? Like in Skype or Teamspeak?

    no one who like me to help?

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    Don't use Permissions 3, it's very outdated. Use PermissionsEx, or bPermissions.
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    and who want to help me to configurate permissionEx (or bPermissions) and the other plugins? I have sometimes problems with this.
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    I believe there is a guide for configuring PermEx/bPerms/PBukkit on their threads. As for installing plugins, there is a guide on the wiki.
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    yeah, and I use the guide. Everytime. But i have sometimes problems, wich i couldnt fix. Dont know why. Because that i hope, that here is one who can help me to install anything. Best is when he is speaking german, but its not a "must have"
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    Here, send me a PM, and I'll give it my best shot.
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    Hi, I have recently made a server and downloaded some plugins (EpicZones, Locker, SetSpawn) but i have also downloaded Dynmap-HeroChat.jar (to be exact) but when I type the command /plugins only the first 3 plugins come up please help!
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