[Need] Looking for a server coder!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Caedus, Mar 6, 2012.

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    We at EtherealCraft are looking for a coder, who can code us a few plugins.
    We have a couple of plugins in mind, two of which are fairly simplistic and one which is complex. We are a relatively new server, and we run factions.

    I cannot go into payment too much on this forum, but rest assured you will be paid for your services.

    We have no set requirements, if you think you are capable of writing complex plugins then please contact us.

    If interested either reply here, pm me, or add me on steam: LordCaedus667
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    Maybe I can do the simple ones, but the complex one depends on how complicated it is. Can you give a little bit more info about the plugins you want?
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    Here is a bit of information about two of the simplistic plugins, the complex one isn't a priority of ours at the moment, and involves events, teleporting, placing items into chests, and so on.

    1. - Statistics plugin (Factions)

    What the plugin should do:
    Essentially, we want this plugin to calculate a few factions statistics, and a few general statistics.
    This plugin will need to calculate how many factions there are, how many people there are in factions, how many people who aren’t in factions, and on average how many people are in factions (ie. factions/number of people in factions).
    On top of that, this plugin should track how many unique people have ever joined our server. It doesn’t have to list the player names, but everytime a new player joins, add it to the list.

    All these statistics should then be sent to our statistics page (http://etherealcraft.com/stats/ - To be set up) we will provide the database, if necessary.

    2. - Peaceful factions plugin (Factions)
    What the plugin should do:
    Essentially, this plugin needs to automatically put a newly created faction into peaceful mode, and automatically take them out after 24 hours after faction creation.
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    We still have a position open. We need a plugin developer who skilled and will be able to create unique plugins for our server in order for us to have en edge over others.
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    Anyone interested in developing plugins? Still searching!
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    Do you need any other plugins?
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    Note that many people would not want to be hooked into making unknown plugins for unknown people. Those who havent made plugins before often have outrageous expectations on what can be written and how long it would take. I would recommend you give a few more details and assurances if you really want to find anyone.

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