Problem/Bug Need help with port forwarding.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by kamazaki, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Hey i have created a new minecraft server. but i can't join my server. i done all of the things. the list of the things that i did:
    1. I portforward my router
    2. I made a port on windows firewall
    3. i changed the port to 25566 but it still didn't work
    4. i enabled java (tm) on windows firewall
    5. I disable my firewall but it didn't work
    6. i tried to test my port it says fail.
    7. i made my ip to statistic ip
    8. i reinstall java
    9. i have the latest java version
    10. i deleted my anti virus

    I can join with my local ip but i can't join with my external ip and also other peoples can't join. When i try to join with my external ip adress it says: connection refused no futher information:
    Sorry for my bad English
    Also i am using tp link router. model TL-WR740n. version: 6.0
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    1. You can redownload your anti-virus. It should not cause your problem, and is a bad idea to go on the internet without it.
    2. Disable your static ip. That should only be done when you know your ip works.
    3. Change the port back to 25565. This will just make debugging easier.
    With that out of the way, lets go over troubleshooting:
    1. Have you tried restarting your router? For some models, restarting it applies the changes.
    2. Are you sure you port forwarded for both UTP and TCP?
    3. Are you sure you are leaving the IP blank in the file? Bukkit will automatically detect it if it is blank, and sometimes putting an ip in that slot causes this to happen.
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    Yes i am sure. restarting router? you mean replug the cable in to the router?

    You mean replug??

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    If it does not have a power switch, then yes, do that. Just remember that your IP may change if you do so, so you will need to account for that when you check if the port is open.
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    Yes i did replugged it/ but faild at port checker. or reset button?
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