Need help with my minecraft!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by weichun18, Oct 25, 2012.

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    I have updated my minecraft to version 1.4.2 and my friends and i cant join my server,it says server is outdated. How can i update my minecraft server? im using mixigui with my craftbukkit server.
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    You should really read the Forum, or the News Announcements, no bukkit servers will be available until the RB comes out, RB Is the Updated Version of Bukkit, right now its only on 1.3.2 so thats the only servers working, you gotta wait a few days, til it launches.
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    Minor nitpick, there will of course be dev and beta versions out before a Recommended Build. Though some can't use them as their hoster would only allow RBs.
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    There is currently no way to get Craft Bukkit on your server so you will have to wait for at least a Dev Build
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    It depends on if it is a bukkit server. If it is then you need to wait. Keep checking!

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    thanks for your information. I downgraded my minecraft to Version 1.3.2 and i am back playing minecraft with my friends.
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