Need help setting up Permissions and Ranks on my new server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xxdudeman, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Hi im brand new to owning a server and im trying to set up permissions and ranks for people who play. If you could contact me soon that would be wonderful thank you!:)
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    A bit more information would be great ;). What do you want to do? Obviously we won't be helping you get everything setup, but we can help you learn how to do things for yourself. Care to elaborate on what you want?
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    Yes thank you for responding. I would like to have multiple rankings Such as Owner, Admin, Head Moderator, Moderator, and Pre-mod, and Builder.And i would like to have each of the classes have individual types of commands.

    Owner/admin = All commands
    Head Moderator= /gamemode /tp /tphere /kick /ban /jail /kill
    Moderator= /tp /tphere /kick /ban
    builder=/tpa /tpahere
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    Generally speaking, you would want to find some sort of Permissions plugin to help make sure you give the right permissions to the right people and find a plugin that deals with the "general" type commands. You would want to look here: for them. Two of the big names for the general plugin is CommandBook and Essentials. Two of the big names for permissions are PermissionsEX and bPermissions. Then go on from there.
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    okay i have essentials now but how would i be able to create rankings just the titles then i could learn to distribute the permissions based on ranks
  6. Slightly off-topic (no topic/thread hijacking intended), but is it possible to auto-set/change one's gamemode when setting their rank?

    On my server, new players start as guests/visitors with gamemode 0 but i want them to get gamemode 1 when promoting them to Crafter. Unfortunately this doesn't happen on-the-fly, only after they respawn or re(join/connect).

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    You should ask tyler because i have no clue about any of this server stuff lol :)
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    Okay, so you will want to have a look at the permissions plugins for more help on those, like PermissionsEX.
    I could also try and help you over Skype or phone (see my signature)
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    Okay well private message me your skype name
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    Hi i am also a new server owner could you help me when you are helping him?

    I want the ranks like this
    guest(silver name)-can not go through portals the the main world
    member(yellow name)-can go through portals the the main world
    moderator(light blue name)-/tp /rocket /slap /kick //set //undo //redo //walls
    operator(blue name)- /tp /rocket /slap /kick //set //undo //redo //walls (whatever temp ban is)
    admin(orange name)-/tp /rocket /slap /kick //set //undo //redo //walls (whatever temp ban is) (all world edit) /ban(mcbans)
    owner(dark red name) - everything
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    Hey do you have a skype - add me (see my signature above)
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    Yeah man we can help you out give us your skype name because im a newly reborn Pluggins Wizzard
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    I am really bad can tylerjd can you help me because like i suck.
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    i need help to. i just need
    [guest] /spawn /home /back /home /sethome and they can build to
    [admin] all commands except /gamemode
    [Owner] all commands
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    Can You Help with Me? I Need These Ranks
    guest(black name)-/tp /warp /spawn (can build) /sethome /home
    member(grey name)- everything that quest can do and /setwarps
    builder (yellow name)- every thing down and /kick
    moderator(light blue name)-/tp /kick //set //undo //redo
    operator(purple name)- /tp /slap /kick //set //undo /ban
    admin(blue name)-/tp /kick //set //undo //redo //walls (all world edit) /ban
    co-owner(red name) - everything
    owner(orange name) - everything
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    so much for laziness instead of reading how to set permissions themselves?
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    Im new help
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    I have perms set up and can send you them if you need.
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    I know PEX if you would like my help PM me
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