Need help! Server name spawn plugin.

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  1. Hi! I am a server owner and have NO clue how to make plugins! So I'm asking you guys out there to help me with something. I need you guys to make a plugin. Details below:

    Plugin Cattegory: Teleportation
    Suggested Name: Name Spawn
    What I want: I want a plugin that allows you to set a spawn with /setspawn [spawnname]. When you want to teleport there, you simply do the command /[spawnname] spawn; and you can set which spawnpoint you want a player to TP to on death in the config. EXAMPLE: An OP does /setspawn test, and a player does /test spawn to teleport there.
    Ideas for Commands: /setspawn [spawnname], /[spawnname] spawn
    Ideas for permissions:
    When I'd Like it by: ASAP, but I can wait. :p
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    Why not just use a warp plugin ?
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    Use something like SimpleWarps
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    Just set a warp there named spawn and put up warp signs from essentials or simplewarps
  5. hmm. None of you seem to be giving me what I need. Thats ok. :p But I dont need an alternative; I need what I have stated.
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    You use the word "Spawn" when reffering to warp points, does that mean you also need to tp there on death?
  7. That's something that might be useful that you can configure in the config

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