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    I have the plugin Factions and the plugin KoTH(custom plugin). KoTH is King of the Hill ( like a mini game that starts when I want it turned on.

    With the factions plugin it allows the use of colored names showing you if you are an ally/enemy/faction member.

    Whenever I begin a Koth, I use a scoreboard ( Like the scoreboard used on Mineplex with the 1 2 3 4 5 6 showing on the side)

    When the scoreboard is set to be on when the Koth starts all the names you look at in game turn from green/red/pink ( the colors telling you if they are in your faction and whatnot) all turn into white names. This only happens with the scoreboard turned on, which I desperately need to be turned on.

    How do I make it so the scoreboard can show up when the Koth starts, but faction names with remain colored in tab and in game?
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