Need help lava on top of water = stone

Discussion in 'General Help' started by atank, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Whenever I place water on top of lava in my Skyblock world, Water ends up doing nothing but creating cobble instead of obsidian
    In the world I have for building new structures and stuff it works properly, Placing water on top of lava gives me obsidian but in other world its just stone forming on top of lava.
    Gif of what is happening Below

    I want it so that when the water hits the lava it turns into obsidian

    Any help is appreciated
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @atank One of your plugin is changing it already by the looks of it.
    Find and disable that plugin.
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    I believe that's a part of your skyblock plugin making the stone and ores rather than obby.

    The default behavior should be obsidian if you pour water on top of a source lava block, and cobble if water touches moving lava.

    Since lava is an integral part of skyblock (making cobble generators) that's why it does not generate obsidian because so many players lose their lava early and can't continue their island

    it looks like you're using uSkyBlock maybe? if so there is a setting in the config.yml in the /plugins/uSkyBlock folder that says the following:

    # Whether or not the plugin will try to protect the player from accidentally extinguishing lava
    protect-lava: true

    change that to false and it should make obsidian instead of protecting it.

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    im using Askyblock
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    A quick google search of ASkyblock got me a copy of the config.yml file.... Have you looked at it yet?

    This section appears to be where you need to look to configure this. Based on your gif the cobble generator is not only making stone but coal_ore and other things.
    therefore your config must have this set:

    1. usemagiccobblegen: true
    Thus it is highly likely that it is only coded to allow those specific block types to be generated when lava is cooled. A solution would be to simply add a line below the usemagiccobbelgen: section under default:
            COBBLESTONE: 75.0
    *NOTE* do not use the TAB key to space over your line you add, use the spacebar or the config file WILL break.
    adding the OBSIDIAN:10 would give the cobble generator a 10% chance to spawn obby.

    Its also worth nothing that there appears to be a line below this section for setting ore types if the level is greater than 500, so you may want to add it there instead..
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    Tried that, I removed the oregen which is the only thing that manipulates blocks but it still keeps happening
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    Did you try my above post? I think the askyblock plugin prevents obby from being formed you'll probably have to leave the oregen in place and change the blocks it generates to your liking as I suggested.

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    So wait, I have plugin CustomOreGen, and magiccobble disabled. Isint magiccobblegen basically an orgen?
    Because if so wouldnt they conflict? Lol im confused as hell but ill try it ;)

    Someone said that it was because of my server version.
    But if that was the case it would be doing the same on the other worlds which it isnt? right?

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    Uh if you're using askyblock it apparently includes a custom cobble gen, I see no reason to use two plugins who knows what's going on with both enabled if they are

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    Didnt seem to bother people attually, So i might just leave it, Thanks for the help guys!
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