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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Togepi, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Just realised I've put this in completely the wrong section, I'm tired lol.

    Could it be moved? Sorry ;P

    I'm sorry if there has been a load of threads like this I just can't find out how to do it anywhere.

    I've already got a server and bought it from Verygames (I know there is an option for CraftBukkit when ordering but I was a newb then and didn't have a clue what it was so I went for standard). So the server is already up and running and I do have access to the FTP. I am really clueless about it I've tried googling it, asking people, looking at threads on these forums etc and all I can find are guides on how to install it when like setting up a server on your PC or something.

    So could someone please help me on how to install it on my server, any help would be greatly appreciated and once again I'm sorry if this has been posted many of times I really can't find any threads.
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    Thanks ;)
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    assuming linux, terminal access (putty), and ftp/scp access, the following should get you started:

    1. download Latest Recommended Build
    2. ftp/scp craftbukkit jar file to server
    3. using terminal (putty), enter the following commands:
      1. nano
      2. java -d64 -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
      3. ctrl+x, yes to save
      4. chmod +x
    4. to start the server (first time, or after reboot)
      1. screen
      2. ./
    5. to connect to running server after you disconnect (close putty)
      1. screen -dr

    that SHOULD get you started. let us know if there are other issues or questions
    you can increase the memory if you have more (Xmx#G)

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    Really appreciate the help but I have to be honest this doesn't make alot of sense to me LOL
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    pm me ill be more then happy to give u a hand my game name is woodzy im all ways on my server
    i run minecraft, mumble, a livemap, and a website all off the same VPS and im running a flavor of liunx called ubunto so ill be more then happy to help you out ( note any DNS work ur on ur own)
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    Hey hey!

    Same problem like the togepi above:
    I have a bought server (from "Xtream-Server", a german one). In my case I have bukkit integrated. The current installed bukkit build is #1597.
    But I have absolutely no idea how to install plugins like a livemap or "world guard".
    I've read the install guides, I searched the wiki, and it all may work with a server on the own computer, but not so with a bought server... What may I do? Please help me!
    I have windows, not linux, so I don't understand just a little bit of the help from mughi. Sorry.

    And another problem is to posting a new thread in help section:
    When I want to post a new thread in help section, I can't type a massagetext. I can type a title and a pollquestion, but no body text.
    What could I do?
    And I don't get it how to pm someone in this forum. I just can't find the pm-button. Am I blind, or is that a error? Or am I simply to dumb for all this? -____-

    Please help me! *make big eys*

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    do you have FTP/SCP/SFTP/SSH access? cause if you do alls you have to do is go to your bukkit server root and put all of your downloaded plugins into the Plugins folder. Then just /reload your server and do /plugins to check if it enabled successfuly. U can then go into the Plugins folder and modify any config files if needed. Remember any time you make any changes to config files you will need to reload the plugin fr the changes to take effect.
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    Oh, Sorry: I've a FTP-Browser.

    But... I've not access to the bukkit folder.
    The folder structure I've access to is this:

    • IP : Port
      • Minecraft
        • Dein Minecraftserver
        • Dein Minecraftserver_nether
        • Firun
        • iwantplainsandmountains
          • data
          • DIM1
          • Karten
          • players
          • plugins
          • region
          • level.dat
          • level.dat_new
          • level.dat_old
          • session.lock
          • uid.dat
        • iwantplainsandmountains_nether
        • iwantplainsandmountains_the_end
        • LaGrange
        • Lavalampe
        • logs
        • plugins
        • Rudel
        • Rudel_nether
      • Backups
    Blue are the worlds. "iwantplainsandmountains" is the current one. As you see, there are two plugins-folder. The... I will call it "Main plugins"-folder in the "Minecraft"-directory and the "World plugins"-folder in the world-folder, "iwantplainsandmountains" in this case.

    Maybe I made something wrong, but... I think I have tried both with a livemap. It doesn't work.
    When I'm ingame and type "/plugins" the console says: "plugins:". This means, bukkit and the plugin-systems work well, aren't it?

    Thank you very much!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it works (the livemap)... I made a dump mistake with the "http://ip-address-of-server:8123/"-thing.
    But everything is black... I just see the player location, the caption and the rest of the interface... But no map. xD
    Ah, I will fixe that, somehow!

    Thank you for your help!

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    Oh, oh, oh... I don't get it...
    Dynmap: I installed the files into the plugins-folder. First it worked, but - as you can read in my post above - not really right.
    Than my server broke... But that's another story. I fixed it.
    And now? The livemap works... Somehow... :'( But not with my world.
    I entered the Server ip and the port in the browser (eg: 123.456.789.123:55555) and there's the livemap interface. But the map is absolutely unknown to me. It's not mine... I have no idea, what map that is, but it's not mine and I don't know why there's not my map...

    It's late, I'm tired and my english is... You see... :oops:
    Do you understand what my problem is? ^___^
    I need some help, I think.

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    @Rot-Fuxs well i think u should post this question on the fourm for ur live map that ur useign :/
    im at a loss on this one
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    I've got a server hosted from Verygames, but I can't figure out what you mean, don't you have access to your server with FTP, or do you want your server running from Craftbukkit instead of Openmod Java or Minecraft Classic? And is your problem solved now or do you still need help? 'Cause I think I will be able to help if you need any
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