Need help for huge bukkit project!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ZNickq, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Unleash ur Geek

    Might be a little old but...
    I would love to do some web design for you. Im experienced in html and html5, php, css and css3, javaScript, java, C#, Visual Basic, XML, SQl and mySql, and asp. If you are interested please say so. Also I will do this for free but I will not pay for a url or web host.
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    I can help with names, and I'm not a bad artist, I could give it a shot. Also, if you need help with coding, love helping!
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    I'd love to help think of ideas for block names, etc.

    If you want, Ill PM you some blocks I already have in mind.
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    1.Icould help with comming up with the item names and if you dont get anyone I could be a texture artist.
    2.How do you add items/blocks? I've been looking for a way to do this but I didn't think it was possible through bukkit.
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    Unleash ur Geek

    We would be using spout to create custom blocks and items, when you get a chance search up UltraItems, SpoutBlocks, or Spout for that matter and you might be surprised.

    Also, if need be i can work on some coding too.
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    I'm a pixel artist if you want any help, tag me.
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    @ZNickq I can help with the website.
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    I'll help code! Plus i'll do some names :D

    @ZNickq wanna PM me, and we can talk more? :D

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    Alright, got a pretty experienced web guy, a textures artist, and a coder ;)
    I'll PM you guys when i need more help :)
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    I'm pretty creative. PM me if you need some names.
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    I would love to help as well as be kept in the loop here if possible.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Item names? Looool :p
    I'm in for that one ;)
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    If I wasn't doing graphics for another Spout plugin I'd help ya :p
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    as for names it might be helpful to have a list of special properties as thats the norm in this kind of naming convention. materials are usually named after something in the real world that has similar properties (diamond) or after their special properties (quicksoil) etc.
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    add me on skype, i'm sddddgjd :)
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    I'll offer my services for ITEM NAMES
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    I have :p im a story guy, remember?
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    lol nice name, you fall asleep on your keyboard?
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