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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by dannylynncole, Dec 17, 2014.

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    Hey everyone! I need a few good plugins that I could install for my prisons server! If I list them with a brief bio below, I hope you guys could just link them and help me out a lot!

    Auto Pickup:
    I need a plugin so that when someone mines a block, it goes straight into their inventory. This is probably the most simple one, I just need it for sure, one that works well with minimal bugs!

    Auto Smelt:
    This one just needs to be so that when you mine ore, it turns it into ingot. Pretty simple but at the same time its really needed like the last one! I just would like one that works with fortune and is fairly lightweight!

    Mine Reset:
    This needs to be able to give me the option to set block percentages. Simple as that. I should also be able to configure it so that they reset every 5 minutes for instance. That would be very helpful.

    Vote Party:
    Well I have tried to get in contact with the plugin developer for this to gain the .jar for this plugin, but to no success, so I may need to begin looking for alternatives! If anyone has one that I highly configurable and works well with custom items, I'd love it >_<

    Custom Enchants:
    I need something that allows custom enchants on items, such as haste, jump, fly etc. Stuff that if you're holding the item you can use. FLY is one I would really like!

    Sell Signs:
    I would like a sell sign that is configurable, that that if I am at Mine A the items can be sold for a lower price that at Mine Z for instance. Just so that they can sell all without the hassle of lots of single signs.

    I will add more, but these are the ones I would like to configure for now!

    Also any suggestions on what you guys would like to see on a prison server, that would interest you, the add it and I will see if I can correctly implement it into the server, as hearing from others about what they'd like is obviously helpful and important to us!

    Many thanks!

  2. PrisonMain link in my signature and QuickSell.
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    ^ And for the enchantments you can use EmeraldEnchants, however it requires PrisonGems to run. Both links are in my signature.
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