Need help analyzing fatal crash error

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by killertudse, Mar 4, 2013.

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  2. seems like a damaged world, try restoring the world from a backup
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    I have been experiencing this for a while. I have no backups from when it didn't happen.

    There must be a way to fix?
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    A long long time ago I ran into this issue. You can delete the mentioned chunks using mcedit and it might fix this.
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    How exactly would i do that? ;C

    And did it fix the problem for you?

    Okay i found this plugin called ChunkFixer. But where do i see the cordinates of the broken chunk?

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    You don't?
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    Please don't just comment if you don't know what you're saying.

    Because i did in fact find the cords..
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    old copies of MCedit can fix chunks if you can find a copy. I used a python script to fix my world a year ago. I apologize, but I don't remember it much now. You can prevent this with auto saves and a back up every now and again.
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    Yeah, it did fix the issue. You can see in the error log what chunks are broken. I don't quite remember how I identified the chunk locations. I might have just deleted the chunk which crashed my server when I was entering it. You can use the WorldGuard command /chunkinfo, in combination with F2 to make some connections and find the correct chunks to delete. Then delete the chunks with MCEdit. The server will regenerate the chunks in working order once you enter the area.

    I just used MCEdit to fix a world which was regenerating the select chunks every time I rebooted the server. I just deleted them and presto.

    What you could do is create a copy of the world with the same seed on a test server, then go to the chunks mentioned in the error. Write down the coords, then using MCEdit delete the chunks at those coords on your broken world.
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    Well excuse me for stating that you can't open up a broken world in minecraft.
    I do know what I'm saying and you can't open up broken worlds in minecraft, without 3rd party editing software.
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    You are wrong. I found it all in the serve.log.. Told me the broken chunks.
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