Need Custom Plugin For My Drug/Prison Server

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    Hello I Am Making A Prison/Drug Type Of Server And I Would Like An Custom Drug Plugin. I Would Like These Type Of Drugs.

    Sugar Cane = Cocaine Leafs
    Wheat = Weed
    Seeds = Oxycontin
    Sugar = Cocaine
    Paper = LSD [Acid]
    Ecstacy = Fether
    Shrooms = Brown & Red Mushroom
    Coco Beans = Bath Salts
    Nether Wet = Meth
    Cactus Green = Hash
    Bone Meal = Drug Paraphernalia

    It Would be AWSOME if you can make an little Config Thing For The Plugin Were I Can Add More Drugs If Needed. Example Pain Killers ETC. Many Other servers have there drugs labled for there name. like if you go to drug shop and you buy meth the neather wart would say meth not neather wart.

    If You Are Up To This Challenge I Will Let You Be Admin On My Server Once It Opens (Really Soon). I Would Appreciate All The Things Help You Have Done And I Will Credit You On The Credits Room On The Server.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Could You Stop Talking Like This It Is Very Anoying
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    Sorry its just addictive to write like that on pc. It just looks much nicer to me :l

    Thanks you you option i will check it out

    Thanks this 1 seems really good it has most of the stuff i wanted. i will check it out and thanks for this. :)

    The only thing i dont like is that i have to put it in fire is there a way to turn that off and right-click it in any way?

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    If you still need it: I updated it and now you can smoke it with a right click ;)

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