Need coders for runescape based plugin

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by poxsgaming, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Need some coders to assist on a plugin we're making,

    The plugin is based on the leveling system of runescape and implementing it on minecraft in a way that it won't change the main aspects of the game.
    The plugin adds level restrictions to obtaining resources and using certain grade items.

    Most of the plugin is complete thanks to @mythbusterma, great coder. Now we need a few more coders to develop the final aspects of the plugin:
    -Custom currency system
    -Slayer plugin that generates monsters with different strengths assignable to different areas in the map
    -Bank system
    -Trading system

    Thank you.
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    Thanks man =)

    I apologize if my grammar is not perfect, english is not my first language.

    Custom Currency

    The main aspect we want to accomplish with this aspect of the plugin is a currency system that will keep track of the players ingame GP (Gold Pieces).
    It has to be able to interact with the main plugin (RSL), which will reward a player GP each time he levels up, completes quests, and other aspects of the main plugin.
    Players would be able to give or spend money on ingame shops or players. This would also have to be compatible with the trading plugin.


    There will be assigned areas and dungeons for each level monster, players will be able to kill these monsters if their slayer level is high enough to do so. The slayer level system is already made in the main plugin (RSL), all that has to be done is creating different difficulty monsters that have different drop tables depending on the required slayer level and the difficulty to kill.

    The monsters would have to have a set spawn radius assigned by a command in the plugin allowing them to spawn in the area given.

    Bank system

    Simple deposit plugin that allows players to deposit items in banks set in areas of a server assigned by admins.

    Trading system

    A trade interface that opens when two players decide to trade.
    An inventory that players can see what the other player is placing for trade, and also what the primary player is offering. Once the players decide what to trade they can accept and the items would be placed in each respective inventory.
    The currency system would also have to be integrated to this so players can offer/accept GP in the trades.
    And carefully fool proofing it to ensure players can't scam one another due to a plugin bug.
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  4. I would like to help with the currency, bank and the trading system :D
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    I consider linking other peoples skype a form of DOXing. If I ever see that again, you will be gone.
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    Thank you for the warning, it won't happen again. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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