Need area protection, but people can interact with stuff

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mathiaskruse, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, I need some plugin which can make protected areas, where people can't destroy or place blocks, BUT they must be able to interact with Items like:

    - Minecarts
    - Buttons
    - Levers
    - ShowCase (Sell items by the help of this plugin on stone slabs)
    - More stuff like this.

    Also, I have a city where I need theese features, but also, I've built some "apartments" that people can buy, and i need somehow to make regions inside regions, which will be editable by only the certain player.

    Anyone :/? Thanks!
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    You can use Residence. Its a very good plugin for that ;) I use it too. And i and my friends are very happy with it. you have options for minecarts,creeper,tnt and so much other thinks. Subareas can you made too. and your members can protect there house themselve.

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    Thank you for your answer, I will try! - Any other suggestions will be positively tried out! :D

    No other ideas? :/ - Since Residence is outdated and doesn't work with MC 1.0

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    I started with alerter (Works great and is easy to setup) but I moved to Worldguard/Worldedit and it works well too.

    I would caution you that you might want to stick with the main stream plugins like worldgaurd and world edit for compatibility
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