Need a timecard plugin for a new server.

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    Plugin category: Admin-tools / role-playing / economy

    Suggested name: Timecard Punch

    What I want:

    Before I go into detail, please note I checked out the plugin TimeClock, but it doesn't do exactly what I need. So....

    I need a simple plugin that a player can use to clock in and out on a server, and it records the time clocked in on a 7-day period (this would be configurable in the config.yml file).

    Certain players could set the wages for other players per hour, and pay them using a economy plugin supported by Vault (such as iConomy, BOSEconomy, EssentialsEco, etc). In addition, players can check how many hours they have been punched in, and if they have the permissions, how many hours someone else has worked.

    To make things easy for admins to keep track of in case of a dispute between two players (say the one paying, and the one being paid), there should be a flatfile .txt or .yml file with total hours punched in for that week (it should automatically reset every 2 weeks.). If possible, it might also be nice to find a way to integrate this with enjin so you can view it through an enjin-based website (may have to get enjin support for that, so not required).

    Also, to prevent players from logging in, punching in, then logging off without punching out, it should automatically punch them out if they logoff / get disconnected / the server goes down.

    Ideas for commands:

    /tcp setwage <playername> <amount> - lets you set the wages per hour for a player.

    /tcp in - punches you in.

    /tcp out - punches you out.

    /tcp hours <playername> - hour many hours you have been punched in for that week. If a players name is used, shows you hours for that player.

    /tcp pay <playername> - lets you pay a player based on how many hours they were punched in for, for that week.

    /tcp reload - reloads the plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:

    tcp.wage - lets player use the /tcp setwage command.

    tcp.punch - lets player use the /tcp in and /tcp out commands.

    tcp.hours - lets players use the /tcp hours command for him/herself.

    tcp.hours.player lets players use the /tcp hours command for a player other than him/herself. - lets player pay another player using the /tcp pay command.

    tcp.reload - lets player use the /tcp reload command to reload the plugin.

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible. Server is going live tomorrow, and would like to have this by end of the month.
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    Well, there is a plugin sort of like this already, it is called OnTime, The link to it is, Im not sure its exactly what you are looking for, but I hope it helps!

    And you want them to get money for how long they are on?

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    EnergeticBacon - yes, they would get paid based on how long they are online. My server uses Vault and iConomy specifically, so it needs to support those two plugins at minimum. Also, I took a look at the plugin you mentioned, and while it does have alot of features, it has the server reward the player. I'm wanting it to where a player pays another player for how long they are on.

    for example:

    Bob needs someone to go mining to supply him with iron for his shop to sell, and is offering to pay 5s (gold and silver is the currency types im using in iconomy) per hour he spends mining, plus 20s per iron (this would be handled through a different plugin I have already)

    Jack takes up this offer, and goes mining for 6 hours according to the plugin and returns with 2 stacks of iron. Bob then does the /tcp pay Jack command which withdraws 30s from Bob's wallet. Bob would also pay 25g 60s for the 2 stacks of iron.

    end of example.

    Basically, it could be used by players to pay other players to do work for them based on how long they work or do something for them.
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    So, you want something where when Jack starts working, he uses "/tcp in"and when he is done he uses "/tpc out" and then Bob uses "/tcp pay jack" and then jack receives the gold/silver, and Bob gets the items?

    EDIT: And I may be able to implement the part from enjin too, but I am unsure of it.
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    yea, basically that's the idea. And possibly even set it up where when bob is "hiring" jack to do the work, he can specify what item the work is for, how much he is paying for each item in addition to the pay/hr rate, so that it does it all automatically. If no item is specified, then the work is for a none gathering job, such as helping to build something, or to go and explore a cave for the employer, for example.

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