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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FrenchFrieMan, Jun 8, 2011.

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    I do know this is not Bukkit and I will most likely not get the best support (or will I?) from here however I need a CraftBukkit plugin that can stop items from popping out and saying (Giving FrenhFrieMan 1 64). I really just need a plugin that stops the items from popping out and instead putting them in my inventory or hotbar whenever I command it or do it from TooManyItems. Thank you so much in advance, FrenchFryMan.

    (BTW It just doesn't have to do just THAT, if there is a plugin that does multiple things, but still does this would be even better, thank you.)
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    Do some searching around on your own first, look at features of existing plugins and try them out if need be. Post back here if you somehow fail to find anything on your own.
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    look a essentials, if you new to bukkit... that has all the commands a nob could need :D
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    Okay, I tried (Plg)Essentials and CommandBook and they are both are great with commands, but not what I need. I want the items not to pop out and say [Giving FrenchFrieMan 1 64] in the text chat. Please, does anyone know if there server does not do that and what they're plugins are?
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    essentials does that using /give. The item goes into your inventory and the message only appears for you, not the opther players.
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