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    I am starting a server that needs a very specific plugin. I am not good at java (and would like plugin tutorials please :)) and so I'm looking to hire someone to make them for me. One of them would be a public plugin the other I would like to keep for my server. I will be either paying, putting ads up or other ideas that you request will be thought about. Please pm me or email me at [email protected].
    Thanks in advance,
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    Ah. Shoot. Posted this in the wrong thread. Oh well.
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    Sorry Selbram, won't happen again :)
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    Why not just post what you need right here?
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    Well for one plugin I want it to be just my servers. :p I'm a greedy bastard. But if no one will do that I'll just post a formal request. The point being that its not a plugin that will be popular or useful, its will only be useful on my server or servers exactly like it. The other is a gun plugin.
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    I take it you're going to do a city-themed roleplay or something alike? I can't imagine any other reason a bow would not be suitable..
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    I think I know what he wants. But how the payment is constructed(through donations) and looking at the size of the plugin. It does not exactly sound interesting to me to start developing. If it's closed source and rights are transferred I'd like to be payed by the hour or have a fixed price (but hey that's just me). Espescially if you want the plugin to yourself and not open source/free to use.

    @ cvcs1 it's about popular social media and adding more game elements with that part right? Don't wan't to go into to much detail, since you're not telling much either (and I might be waay off here).
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    I am doing a modern city themed zombie apocalypitic server. The plugin I want is a plugin to modify zombies and what they do. (someone told me this is server side, if not I'll need a mod) With this and the gun mod my server hopes to create a post apocalyptic metropolis filled with ZOMBIESSSSS *growl*
    EDIT I didn't really answer your question, basically I just wanted my server to be the only I am Legend (I Am Minecraft) server. Thats why i was being secretive. I will be paying but at a modest price considering I am not the richest person on the planet :p PM me to talk about that and the details. Also to gain access to the unfinished server.

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