Need a Plugin! Chest Locker.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Teagr5, Sep 12, 2011.

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    i didn't know where to post it, so i just posted it here. (Admin, move it if it's wrong ^^)
    I know it's a plugin in for it, but i can't find it. It's a chest lock plugin.
    That you just place a chest, and then it get locked. No commands.
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    Here it is: LWC.
    Let's your users lock chests either by command, or automaticly. You can also custom other items like furnaces or dispensers.
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    LWC (using a database)
    Lockette (dosnt^^)
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    Thanks for answers flaaghare, then im gonna use Lockette, im not using a database ^^
    Edit: Thanks to saul100 too ^^
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    LWC can use setup needed, it makes its own little db file in the folder. drop in plugin jar and startup. was using lockette too, but it conflicted with too many other sign plugins.
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    Lockette doesn't autolock.

    Or am i wrong?
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    @Teagr5 , Lockette does not auto-lock just as @froggy25 said. And to me, it seemed like you really put emphasis on getting a plugin with the concept of no commands or configuration on the user's side. Lockette relies on user placed signs onto chests in order determine who can access it, thus not requiring the need for a database. But that's the problem, you'll need to put a sign on every chest, which looks ugly to me imho. And as @dxwarlock said, LWC has the option for a sqlite database which requires no configuration. Also, there's an option for cleaner which will unlock chests after they haven't been accessed for 7 days (or any configurable time), preventing the database from growing too much. Overall, I say you go with LWC, but as always this is just personal preference.
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    I've had a great experience with Lockette on my servers, and the players happen to like using signs. The plugin also protects doors, links double-doors, and can set door timers.
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    I ended up using Lockette, realy nice. I can use LWC when im up to a database ^^
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    A database for LWC? What??!!
    Yes, ofc they are saved, but Lockette requires ugly signs at the object. LWC can add passwords and auto-protect. It can also lock normal blocks. WAY better.
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