Need a plug-in, but its kinda unclear what i need to be looking for...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pmiccich, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Ok, so my server is up 24-7 and i have about 40 people who join in and out daily, about 6 are opped and all who are opped are my close friends in real life... but truthfully, i dont trust all of them with all the comands that oppage opens up for them... they dont all get along that well and when fights brake out sometimes one of them will ban another or something then drag me into it, other times some of them will do something stupid like type in a rollback command wrong and rollback the whole server instead of their local area, others are just horrible with world edit and i want to limit what they can do with it.

    I know there are plug-ins for this but its alittle unclear what im supposed to be looking for, i want to make about 4 ranks, and set what each rank can and cant do, like i want some people to be able to world edit and do stuff like that, but not rollback and delete logs and ban people. I dont care if i need to configure some files or anything, just as long as it fits my criteria ill be happy. thank you!
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    pmiccich I suggest you do some research on the above mentioned permissions managers and pick the one you like best. I'm a sucker for bPermissions because it is simple yet has all the features I need, and it alphabetizes my perms for me. The latter is not so important.
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    I love PermissionsBukkit because of it's simplicity and ease of use. Although I am biased because I havent tried any others! :p
    But just try out a Permissions plugin and see which one works for you! ;)
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    hal can you help me configur it alittle? i reasearched them all and i kinda like this one the most. mind if you help me alittle?
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