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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, May 3, 2012.

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    Hey anyone reading this, if you own a server and you are in need of a Mature, Experienced Moderator, please send me a message.

    Just a little bit about me.
    Im 15, but I have played Minecraft for probably somewhere around 8 months now. I have owned 2 very successful servers, but with sports and school I dont really have the time to Own a server, I'm now looking to become a Moderator on a server.

    If you are interested in recruiting me to your server please send me a message. I am also very experienced with Bukkit, and many things about it! Thanks.

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    Do you have skype? and where do you live?
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    That's a lie.

    And that as well.

    Do you really think our brains are made of cheese and we forgot everything you posted on here in the past?
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  6. Rofl, I looked at the posts you made and those posts where (if I may say so) the stupidest post I ever saw.
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    "Mature" "15" im sorry but anyone reading that just knows those 2 things dont go together at all, odds are you just want admin rights on someones server so that you think your special and probly plan on making other players miserable to make yourself feel better. Anyone with a well established server or anyone with a brain is not going to give someone they dont even know the keys to their server. just saying
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    Bullshit. I'm 15 and I run a server just fine. I know 9 year olds more mature than most of this forum.
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    Few of my mods are 15-16 xD They do their job great
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    your post alone proves my point it sounds more like whining then actually arguing. I never said they cant do a good job i just said there not usually mature
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    Depends on your definition of mature. I'm 15 as well. D:
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    And you said his post looks immature...
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    I've known DaClowns for a while from here, and have checked out his servers before. He knows what he is doing lol. Have you heard of HeroiCraft or InfiniteDawn?
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    It's called the dunning-kruger effect. It's applicable to perceived maturity as well.
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