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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Beatbotnix, Apr 16, 2015.

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    I bought A Fluctis MC Server for my son because he was being bullied. Now him, his father, friends and Cousins Can all play Witouth any worries.

    I've managed To set up a Basic Bukkit server with latest update, 1.8, and he requested that he could have Factions and mcMMO.
    I got that setup and its seems to be working
    I used the Massive Core plugin to get Factions and now they want to use the universe , multiverse, world systems
    I've followed the commands , even made a universe and a world , nobody's actually been there nor knows how to build what it takes to get there. Youtube only shows me videos of building local servers not hosted online one's. furthermore, he sees a lot of stuff he likes thats only good with version 1.7.10. I believe my stress takes away my ability to learn the guts of making a correct and efficient server and have burdened my host with a large amount of tickets, they're very nice and helpful, but their job mostly pertains to problems caused on their end.
    I'm also thinking of trying the spigot method because it seems more developed, but I'm sure you guys will let me know how wrong I am. I work a lot and am very busy, I can Comprehend most and apparently, randomly Capitalize words, Anyway Is Anyone out There willing To Help a Hard Working Mother out?? His dad seems to be stuck too as far as advancing /configuring the server, I have options like SQL that I have No Idea what to do with And apparently. A free web hosting site that supposedly can be used for the server, but
    I Don't get the point of that either, unless its to start the sever for him from my telephone but I can do that with my cPanel website as well...IDK , I digress

    Thank Ya'll So Much( sorry for the novel of a post, but I'm a lil desperate and even considered adderall.. sadly that's not a joke, it's prescribed but don't like to tweak out on one detail for two hours. :)
    Your's Desperately,
    Mommy and Daddy Dearest
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