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    Plugin category: Fun/Misc

    Suggested name: VitalCTF

    What I want: I'd like a plugin in which is an automatic CTF game.
    • I'd like a config file, where I can choose these options -
    How long before start (Up to 10 minutes)
    Death message and color (Once you die, you cannot join the server again until next game)
    Allow mid-game join (True or False)
    • The ability to create custom kits and use permissions for each
    • Ability to make red team's name TAGS (Above their head) red, and blue team's blue, for easy recognition.
    • Make red team's name in chat red, and blue'd blue.
    • People on the same team cannot hurt each other.
    • Automatic teams (When game starts after count-down, teams are automatically formed, and balanced)
    • Without correct permission, players can only join games in the waiting period
    • Ability to set spawns
    • If somebody has the "flag", their head turns into the color block of the flag they have.
    • Flag points can be set by people with permissions
    • Must stand on flag point area for 10 seconds, if other team is around, 20 seconds.
    • The more, for example blue teamers capturing the red flag, the faster the time goes, the more red teamers there are within a 10 block radius of the capture area, the slower the time goes.

    That's about all I want, I know it's a lot, but it's going to be basically the only plugin on the server.

    Ideas for commands:
    [Required] (Optional)
    /setspawnpoint[teamcolor] - Can set various spawn points for each team.
    /setwaitspawn - Set the spawn in which players spawn whilst waiting for the game to start.
    (Uses world edit to select area) /set[opposite team color]capturepoint - The area that for eg: Blue team will stand for 5 seconds to capture red team's flag. If red team is around, blue team will have to stay in that area for 10 seconds.
    /start - Force the game to start, must have required permission.
    /kit [kitname] - If player has required permission, they can use kits.

    Ideas for permissions:
    kit.[kitname] - Automatically updates when kits are added. eg: If I add a kit called "Archer" a permission can be used called "kit.archer".

    When I'd like it by: Within 1 or 2 weeks if possible!

    Thanks a lot to anybody that can do this, I will definitely love you forever.
    Here is a plugin that you could maybe copy some of the source from, as there are some of the same things included.
    The BukkitGames
    Thank you for reading, and a mega thank you if you attempt this!

    Come on please guys I really need this! Cake for whoever makes this [cake]

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    I'd like this as well..

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